The CGT-FAPT and SUD-PTT call on postal workers to strike and mobilize on May 18. The unions want to demand a “salary increase of 300 euros” and “the end of job cuts and office closures”. In a press release, the CGT-FAPT explains that the “non-recognition of the work of postal workers by the abolition of profit-sharing and the freezing of salaries, the pressure on leave, the reorganizations in cascade (…) have fueled a strong sense of social injustice “.

The first union of the Post adds that “the postal workers demand above all the means to do their job well to ensure a public postal service of quality, stable and qualified jobs, more recognition through the wages as well as the taking into account of their qualifications, high-level rights and guarantees and more democracy in the company “.

In many postal services, “local struggles are increasing” to challenge the “inadmissible social policy of La Poste” and its “strategic plan”, indicates the CGT. This plan denounced by the union, “accelerates the abolition of post offices or services, casualization with transfers of activities to subcontractors or to subsidiaries, uberization (URBY and Stuart), the generalization of CDI temporary workers who are fixed-term contracts of 36 months, the increase and the development of the services in a commercial concern “.

On its website, the third postal union, the SUD-PTT, also called a strike on the same day, with a “demonstration and a rally” planned in Paris in front of the headquarters of La Poste. This call is relayed locally in several departments by inter-union organizations including FO, CFDT and Unsa.

According to La Poste, the Covid-19 pandemic had a negative impact of 2.3 billion euros. But this was more than offset by the recognition of CNP Assurances shares, of which the group took control on March 4 and which contributed 3.6 billion euros to net income. La Poste posted a net profit of 2.1 billion euros for the year 2020, against 822 million in 2019.

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