Long battered at La Mosson, Montpellier defeated FC Nantes (2-0) this Sunday on behalf of the 12th day of Ligue 1.

Nantes, however, entered the game perfectly with many hot situations on the Hérault cage. Just like the strike from Pereira de Sa next door! Montpellier was doing well. Because only the lack of accuracy of the Canaries allowed the premises not to concede the opening goal in these first minutes. The scenario was repeated at the beginning of the second act, during which Kolo Muani lost his duel against goalkeeper Omlin!

All these missed opportunities, Nantes would end up regretting them. First, when Mollet (1-0, 64 ‘) opened the scoring after a ball returned by goalkeeper Lafont. And always against, when Wahi (2-0) slipped the ball between the legs of Lafont, saved a few minutes later by his bar on a free kick from Savanier. The MHSC thus offers itself a precious victory which has been slow to emerge.

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