After trying to get James Harden in last month, the Sixers might be interested in point guard Kyle Lowry.

The Philadelphia Sixers are still first in the East with a very short lead over the Brooklyn Nets (one less loss) but they stand ready to step up if ever the opportunity arises. in the market. Last month, they lost the auction, precisely to the benefit of New Yorkers, in the race to recover James Harden. But another All-Star might be coveted by the Pennsylvania franchise: Kyle Lowry.

A native of the area, the boss of the Toronto Raptors is nearing the end of his contract and his name was already circulating in transfer rumors recently. The Ringer’s Kevin O’Connor says the Sixers would be eyeing his current situation, possibly intending to set up a trade.

However, it is hard to imagine the Raptors, who are now going up the hill, sending their best player to a direct competitor. His value is hard to gauge in the market, especially with his contract expiring, but Kyle Lowry remains a very interesting point guard. He’s having a solid season with 17 points, 5 rebounds and 6 assists.

We had already raised the hypothesis of a transfer to Philly when discussing the subject of the future of the clothing. © ran a few weeks ago.