Director Matthew Vaughn is still not sure whether or not he will direct the next Kingsman 3 after the prequel The King’s Man: First Mission.

While it’s hard to forget that Spider-Man: No Way Home and The Matrix Resurrections are both on the bill, The King’s Man: First Mission which released on the same day as the last Matrix in the United States is risking a lot. to be swallowed up by the two blockbusters. As the title suggests, the film is a prequel to the first two Kingsmans set on the cusp of WWI (orchestrated by the worst criminal minds on the planet). And after this historical parenthesis on the origins of the spy agency, the franchise will resume the course of events with Kingsman 3, the sequel to Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

This fourth part will thus end the narrative arc of Eggsy (Taron Egerton) and will see the return of Colin Firth. If he had not given any news for several months, the project was finally talked about again a few days ago, when Matthew Vaughn specified that filming will begin in September 2022. On the other hand, the director still does not know if he’ll come back behind the camera or not and the fact that The Wrap asked him the question seems to have annoyed him:

“I haven’t decided yet. You are asking me right now if I want to make it when I have literally finished Argylle today. Now is not the time to wonder if I want to make it or not. this moment I don’t know. Give me a few months. Maybe. “

On the other hand, the filmmaker seems to take the fly a little less when it comes to imagining the future of the franchise, or rather the past of the franchise since he has mainly thought about several prequel spin-offs:

“If people like this movie, I think it would be fascinating to go through each decade, to see how the history of espionage has changed. I would kind of fast forward as fast as I can to get to the 60s. and start talking about the cold war. Imagine a scene where you are in the Kingsman tailor shop and you have the Beatles on Savile Row. It would be amazing to walk through British history through the eyes of the Kingsman. “

Another spin-off on the Statesman – the US arm of the spy agency – was also discussed in 2019, but has not been heard from since. Matthew Vaughn also announced that a Kick-Ass reboot is in the works, possibly under his direction. In France, The King’s Man: First Mission will be released on December 29, while his other spy film, Argylle, will land on Apple TV on a date as yet unknown.