Another incredible game between the Lakers and the Kings, as often. Three extra times and a huge De’Aaron Fox, this time the win is for Sacto!

“Kings – Lakers we give up eh, we will talk about it in the big recap of the night”. That’s what we said to ourselves when LeBron James and his All-Star buddies seemed to have the game in hand, we don’t really know when. Then about four years later and after three overtimes we had to face the facts: we have to talk about it. We need to talk about it but then good luck getting things back in order, because hello fun to sum up a game in which our hair had time to grow.

An absolutely disgusting first quarter and a second not much better, there you have it, we have just summarized the first half for you and that suits us. 43 everywhere at the break, dreadful percentages, in short we have known better as a derby of Kings, it happens. Except that when the Lakers and the Kings meet the sparks are never far away, and what we don’t know at the time is that the two teams are about to offer us a second half … special. Lakers side LeBron is in automatic watering mode, we will come back to it, Anthony Davis is everywhere but lacks aggressiveness in attack, and the offensive catalysts are rather named Russell Westbrook and Malik Monk, a brain for two but so much talent obviously. Small race in the lead on the part of the locals, opposite the absences of Richaun Holmes and Harrison Barnes are once again seriously compensated by the new very good match of Marvin Bagley III or Alex Len, but it is the back line of the Kings which will come into play to move this match from the thrill category to that of WTF evenings (mornings). In the first place ? From Aaron Fox, bazaar, who will make the end of the game his kingdom, while another a little beefier KING alternated manly drives and horrible potatoes sent from the parking lot.

8:17, we don’t really remember the chronology of the evening, but we will make sure that the following lines are fluid.

Big Kings run in the fourth quarter, De’Aaron Fox is elusive and just returned to his All-Star level, Tyrese Haliburton is sweeter than sugar and Buddy Hield is a mental patient any team would love to have. Alex Len probably eats animals without even killing them, and he takes on the bounce on Anthony Davis’s nose and eye-beard as Marvin Bagley tattoos “wasted time” on Luke Walton’s right buttock. For a long time we say to ourselves that with talent and experience the Lakers will eventually do it, but on several occasions the Lakers favorite system fails. This system ? Everybody pulls away, LeBron James pump-fake, ten times in a row, and he sends a crust, if you don’t give a fuck you gotta tell guys. A first overtime, a second then a third, the ten men on the ground (Fox, Tyrese, Buddy, Marvin, Len, RW, Monk, Melo, LeBron and AD) have been there for hours, and at (very long) money De’Aaron Fox’s perfect time the Lakers respond with easy baskets underneath, graciously donated shots at times. During the third overtime LeBron James always fills his stats sheet a little more but his leadership sticks to trashtalking on U18s on the bench, it’s clean, Buddy Hield continues to shoot and he even enters a few shots , a few interceptions turn the tide a little in favor of the Kings and little by little what we dreaded on the Lakers side ended up happening: those who wanted it the most left the Staples Center with the win, the second of the Gentry era in Sacramento while the Lakers switch for their part in the negative (10-11).

We obviously forgot, a lot, but we have a bit of work and very clearly we should watch this match a second time. Except that for our little hearts we will avoid it, and anyway Lakers like Kings are customary because then other opportunities will come. And you want some good news? The two teams will meet again… from Wednesday with their wheelbarrow and / or their clown nose, it is still well done this life.

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