Actor / comedian Kevin Hart is finally ready to end his 2017 dramatic sextape scandal after his former friend Jonathan “JT” Jackson was dismissed on charges of extortion.

“Look, it’s no secret that my life has had ups and downs, “he said. “It definitely has. I’m not proud of the lows at all, but of course life is like that, things happen – it’s our job to adjust when they do. ”

Hart goes on to explain that his ex-boyfriend recently extorted the he has been charged, found “not guilty” and actually relieved that he is ready to “move on”.

“You know they made a fork in the road between him and me, and that relationship was lost “said Hart. “But I am glad that not only can I finally talk about it now, but I can also say that I am happy that this chapter of my life is over. I’m glad we can dot this sentence, and I’m looking forward to living the way we once knew it. ”

In 2017, Jackson was accused of trying to blackmail Hart after the comedian was taped having sex with a woman who was not his pregnant wife, Eniko Hart. In 2018, Jackson was arrested and charged with attempted extortion, attempted concealment and the sale of stolen property, unauthorized use of ID and identity theft, reports TMZ also dropped the final charges of identity theft so that Jackson could leave as a free man.

In the end, Hart’s little rendezvous in Las Vegas only publicly embarrassed him, strained his marriage at the time and lost a boyfriend. It’s good that he continues.

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