Kemba Walker and Boston, it’s over. The All-Star point guard trades to OKC, while Al Horford returns to the Celtics.

Brad Stevens wasted no time getting down to work! The new Boston Celtics boss has just closed a trade with Oklahoma City to send Kemba Walker and his massive contract to the Thunder.

The Celtics trade Kemba Walker, the No. 15 pick of the 2021 Draft and a 2025 2nd round against Al Horford, Moses Brown and a 2023 2nd round, announces ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

We are so taken by the playoffs that we were not yet watching Boston and the construction site that is announced during the offseason. Stevens has therefore managed the small feat of breaking free from the complicated situation with Kemba Walker – who may not stay for very long, unless he follows Chris Paul’s path – all the while re Capturing interesting assets. Al Horford is out of his 20-year-old legs, but he arguably still has enough juice and basketball IQ to bolster the Celtics in a position they were sorely lacking.

Moses Brown, who had a remarkable season (8.6 points and 8.9 rebounds in 20 minutes of play) with the Thunder, is also an interesting reinforcement on the inside.

Sam Presti, for his part, continues his collection of picks since he recovers two of them in the operation, therefore a choice at the gates of the lottery for the 2021 vintage.

Kemba Walker’s departure frees up payroll for the Celtics, who are ready to sign a new contract for Evan Fournier.