Who of the four sons killed the father and whyâ ????? Here is a motive and then suddenly another. Here is everything and its opposite. Here is good and bad, inside and out. Where’s the butt, where’s the head ????? Loud laughter of Fyodor Dostoevsky watching us look for the way out of the Brothers Karamazov like a doggie looking for his ball. “All guilty” he would reply, giving the victim of his work, the depraved and irresponsible patriarch, his own first name.

In search of truth, in this great novel of the parricide, we find ourselves completely lost. This is precisely what Genetâ € ™ s delighted with: this “lint”, this “game of massacre” of values, this way of sticking a big finger up. Honor to explanations that are too psychological on the one hand, too sociological on the other. And this is what also motivates the director Sylvain Creuzevault who adapts it today like a great labyrinthine buffoonery on the stage of the theater of the ???? Odà © on, with a lot of decorative elements paraphrasing the speech â ???? hey, the backstage wall moves to show us its other side, everything turns upside down like a glove, is the real one therefore the fake â ????? â ????! It is very virtuoso to have known how to create, from this playful novel, a light-hearted score, serving the extreme ambiguity of situations. And what are they having fun, all these wonderful actors, with this versatility, manipulating moods and values ​​like a juggler throws and catches his eight balls. â ?? ¦

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