This Saturday, September 11, 2021, on the directional site of Koloma, the collective of the victims of the eviction of Kaporo-rails, Kipé2 and Dimesse who rejoiced at the overthrow of the Alpha Condé regime, expressed their expectations vis-à-vis of the CNRD, on the eviction carried out in the first quarter of 2019 by the former leaders.

In front of the press, the spokesperson for the collective asked for help from the military in power so that they could be restored to their rights.

“In its quest for justice, the collective of victims of Kaporo-Rails, Kipé 2 and Dimesse asks the CNRD to restore the victims to their rights by restoring their land and rebuilding their homes, stopping all occupation works in progress at Kaporo-Rails, Kipé 2 and Dimesse as well as fraudulent acquisitions in particular by the company Orange-Guinée, the dismantling of the company IMAAG-HOLDING, the indictment of Ibrahima Kourouma former Minister of the city and all the agents involved in the breakage, the recognition of crimes committed by the former regime, shed light on the breakage of Kaporo-Rails in 1998 and 2019 through an investigation and a fair and equitable trial ”, first launched Mamadou Samba Sow on behalf of the collective before expressing their hope to the CNRD led by Colonel Mamady Doumbouya.

“The victims have real hope on the CNRD and on its President who declared that justice will henceforth be the compass which will guide every citizen. The collective reassures the CNRD of its commitment to provide it with all the details relating to this file, including the provisional list of the perpetrators of the Kaporo-Rails breakage. The collective invites victims and partner organizations to remain mobilized for the triumph of the truth. Other instructions will be given in the coming days, “said the spokesperson for the collective of victims of the eviction of Kaporo-rails, Kipé 2 and Dimesse.

Remember that at least 2,500 houses were broken down in these localities where about 1,200 families lived.

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