In a statement made public this Saturday, September 11, 2021, the Collectif des Victimes des casses de Kaporo-Rails, Kipé 2 and Dimess welcomed the seizure of power by the CNRD, before submitting the request for the indictment of Ibrahima Kourouma, Minister of Housing at the time.

As a reminder, a total of 1,203 families saw their homes demolished in February 2019 in Kipé, Kaporo rails and Dimess, in the municipality of Ratoma.

The collective of the victims of Kaporo-Rails, Kipé 2 and Dimesse 2019 welcomes the seizure of power by the CNRD (National Committee for Rally and Development). This decisive turning point in the history of our country is a liberation for the people who have suffered so much, among these sufferings is the expulsion of 1,203 families from their homes by the Alpha Condé clan who had taken the country hostage. . Between February and March 2019, the Ministry of Town and Regional Planning on the instructions of the former dictator destroyed at least 2,500 homes in these localities according to satellite images operated by the American NGO Human Rights Watch. It should be remembered that in all, 20,000 citizens were thrown into the streets, including the elderly (widows, retirees), women in family status or nannies and children).
Socially, it is difficult to assess the drama recorded in Kaporo-Rails, Kipé 2 and Dimesse.
Kaporo-Rails has never been in the state portfolio because:
-The state never bought the area,
-Never expropriated the inhabitants and has no right of pre-emption.
In addition, the decree number 211 of November 23, 1989 on which our executioners were based is quite clear in its article 4 I quote “the occupants who would have developed their funds before the date of April 20, 1988, are evicted only if the State undertakes to recase them and to compensate them for the value of their realization on the fund. ”
The Condé government lied all the way in the Kaporo-Rails affair. In the case of Kipé 2, the Ministry of the City refused to apply the mission order which it itself established and which provided for: “the demarcation, the expertise, the evaluation of the buildings and the assignment of the occupants of the contained plots ”. Clearly, the compensation was planned but never took place. The Condé power also systematically ignored the decisions of the Dixinn Court of First Instance which had ordered all work on the spot to be stopped. Regarding Kaporo-Rails and Dimesse, the inhabitants did not receive any warning and in all cases, the land and property code of Guinea, the constitution which guarantees the right to property as well as the African and international conventions in this area. rights have been trampled on by the Condé regime.
The Kaporo-Rails affair has been going on for 23 years now. Speaking of the 1998 scrapping that affected part of the area, former Minister of Urban Planning Elhadj Mansour Kaba said in 2019 that 77 billion francs had been planned to compensate the victims. He added that 400 hectares had been identified in Coyah prefecture to resettle the citizens of Kaporo-Rails but to no avail.
Visiting the area on May 4, 2016, Alpha Condé apologized to the victims of 1998 while reassuring the survivors that there will be no more such tragedy.
Today, Louceny Camara Minister of the City at the time had indicated that it was the mobilization of 76 billion francs for the compensation of the populations that was delaying the start of the development.
Neither the amount referred to by Elhadj Mansour Kaba, nor that announced by Lounceny Camara has been returned to the populations. Clearly, there has never been any compensation let alone relocation.
Has the money been taken out of the state coffers to go somewhere else? Have the planned domains been resold?
These are the questions that the former dignitaries will have to answer.
In 2019, our dreams were shattered by Alpha Condé who sent Ibrahima Kourouma to humiliate us. Two years after the events, what some call the Koloma Directional Center was handed over to Guinean mafia groups supported by foreigners. IMAAG-Holding, a front company made up mostly of Ivorians sells one square meter of our land for 1000 euros.
In its quest for justice, the collective of victims of Kaporo-Rails, Kipé 2 and Dimesse makes this request to the CNRD:
1- Restore the victims to their rights by restoring their land and rebuilding their homes,
2-The cessation of all occupation work in progress at Kaporo-Rails, Kipé 2 and Dimesse as well as fraudulent acquisitions, in particular by the company Orange-Guinée,
3 – The dismantling of the company IMAAG-HOLDING,
4-The indictment of Ibrahima Kourouma, former Minister of the City and all the agents involved in the heist,
5 – Recognition of crimes committed by the old regime,
6 – Shed light on the Kaporo-Rails scrapping of 1998 and 2019 through an investigation and a fair and equitable trial.
The victims base real hope on the CNRD and on its President who declared that justice will henceforth be the compass which will guide every citizen.
The collective reassures the CNRD of its commitment to provide it with all the details relating to this file, including the provisional list of the perpetrators of the Kaporo-Rails breakage.
The collective invites victims and partner organizations to remain mobilized for the triumph of the truth. Further instructions will be given in the coming days.

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