Alexandre Astier is well prepared for the sequel to Kaamelott – Premier Volet. The actor-director confirmed Monday night on the set of Daily that his successful heroic fantasy saga would continue with a second installment. True to his habit, he remains very mysterious about this future film. “Maybe the two won’t really be one two, or something like that,” he blurted out to Yann Barthès. “I’m going to go where I can go, which is surprisingly.”

Alexandre Astier had told BFMTV at the time of release wanting to make a second part more heroic fantasy than the first: “It should, yes. In any case, it is the goal of the game of the trilogy – to develop the saga in something more and more powerful, more and more visual […] There is a will that the Arthurian gesture, mine, continues in a heroic fantasy more and more marked. “

With nearly 2.4 million admissions, the film is the biggest hit of the year, and the biggest box office hit since the start of the pandemic. “The thing about a successful cinema film is that it’s the only time I haven’t done anything,” Astier reacts on the set of Quotidien. “I was putting chlorine in the pool. I had my dip net. It’s not very sensual: these are numbers. It’s not like in the theater, where people are there.”

Written, produced and directed by Alexandre Astier, Kaamelott – Premier Volet takes place ten years after the events recounted in the series. We find a depressed Arthur, refusing to find his throne now held by Lancelot. Prestigious guest-stars like Sting, Clovis Cornillac and Guillaume Gallienne give the answer to the heroes of the series. The film will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on November 24.

Joe Biden was preparing on Sunday to solemnly receive on a military base the remains of the 13 American soldiers killed in the attack which affected the area around Kabul airport. A sensitive ceremony at a time when the American president is under fire from criticism from the opposition for his management of the Afghan crisis. President Joe Biden visited Dover Air Force Base in Delaware on Sunday, August 29, to pay tribute to the 13 American soldiers killed Thursday at the air force.

Incarcerated in the Seysses detention center, not far from the city of Toulouse, for more than two months, Cédric Jubillar would be discreet and would have a completely correct attitude, as explained by our colleagues from RTL, this Tuesday, August 31.

Tuesday, September 7, Julie de Bona will be on the TV movie I love to lie, where she plays the role of a young woman ready to lie to win the chosen one of her heart. A character very far from the actress.

It’s back to school and the last vacationers are packing their bags. At the Saint-Charles station in Marseille, many crestfallen mines board the train to their homes. And some ex-vacationers are more spirited than others.

Filter fine particles from urban pollution, pollen, dust or droplets of Covid suspended in a classroom or living room? Air purifiers are the back-to-school attraction, but communities and consumers are having a hard time making their choice.

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Missing since last Wednesday, the young man was found dead near his campus.

On December 2, 1804, for his sumptuous coronation ceremony, Napoleon adorned himself with a highly symbolic sword … In this new episode of the Europe 1 Studio podcast “At the heart of History”, in partnership with the Château de Fontainebleau where The exhibition “A palace for the Emperor, Napoleon I at Fontainebleau” will be held from September 15, Jean des Cars tells you the story of this exceptional weapon.

Prince Harry and Meghan became parents for the second time on June 4. Markle are on cloud nine. If the couple is happy, today they have a problem with their house in Montecito.

He was formerly a minister in Afghanistan. Now based in Germany, Sayed Sadaat now earns his living as a bicycle takeaway delivery man.

Invited during the Angoulême Francophone Film Festival, Karin Viard would have behaved very inappropriately with a journalist. Indeed, according to Charente Libre, the actress would have spanked a woman.

Emmanuel Macron traveled this Sunday, August 29, to Mosul, the former capital of the Islamic State organization’s caliphate, in northern Iraq. A stage during which the French president underlined that the fight against the terrorist group does not pass only through military action. With our special correspondent in Mosul, Guilhem Delteil In the courtyard of the Convent of Our Lady of the Hour, a group of little girls begins a dance upon the arrival of Emmanuel Macron. These are then a few sco

Before participating in season 16 of L’amour est dans le pré, Vincent “Le Vigneron” weighed more than 160 kilos. All it took was a ruptured aneurysm and a long hospital stay in 2013 for the farmer to get his life back on track.

To fight against an increase in Covid-19 contamination, linked to the Delta variant, the Hebrew state has decided to allow all people aged 12 and over to receive a third dose of the vaccine.

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz traveled to the occupied West Bank to speak with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, a rare meeting that does not nonetheless signify an intention to relaunch the stalled peace process for more than seven years.

The residents of Louisiana measured Monday the extent of the damage caused by the passage of Hurricane Ida, its governor calling them “catastrophic”.

About 7,000 people demonstrated in central Athens on Sunday against the compulsory vaccination of healthcare workers against the coronavirus, which comes into force on Wednesday.

Several days after having suffered the wrath of the left by speaking of “irregular flows”, the president is now attracting criticism from the right.