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Juventus: the mixed beginnings of Moses Kean …

Loaned two years to Juventus by Everton against 7 million euros and a purchase obligation of 28 million euros under certain conditions, Moïse Kean (21) wanted to confirm his good season on loan at Paris Saint-Germain. Brilliant in the last exercise, he scored 17 goals and made 1 donation in 41 matches under the Ile de France tunic. Numerically compensating for Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure to Manchester United, the young transalpine striker arrived with significant pressure. The native of Vercelli fully assumed this when he arrived: “I learned a lot of things wherever I am, now I’m here to give Juventus a big helping hand. Replacing Ronaldo is not a burden, I only feel the responsibility of wearing this jersey. I’m here to give the team a big hand, I’ve had a lot of good times, but now the past doesn’t matter, we have to look to the future. I found a very young but experienced team, we didn’t start off on the right foot but I’m sure we can achieve great results. Allegri taught me to always aim high, to achieve big goals. ”

The ambitions were presented, from now on it is the ground which was going to serve as justice of the peace. Lining Alvaro Morata and having to deal with competition from Paulo Dybala, Federico Chiesa, Dejan Kulusevski and Federico Bernardeschi, the one who has 12 caps with Italy for 4 goals had a lot to do to play. Beginning as a substitute, he quickly became interesting at the start of the autumn with a precious goal against Spezia (3-2) and an achievement synonymous with a 1-0 victory against AS Roma. While we feel that the machine is starting, he misses five matches for muscle fatigue and takes time to regain his feelings. Against Malmö on December 8, he finally found the net at the right time since his goal which offers a 1-0 victory allows Vecchia Signora to finish at the top of their Champions League group. At the same time, Chelsea were hooked by Zenit (3-3) and this benefited the Transalpins.

Still struggling to win over time and showing irregularity, Moïse Kean has been better since early December and perhaps holds his benchmark match against Cagliari. Very active in the opposing camp, he hit the left post with a header following a cross from Juan Cuadrado before finally scoring with a cross header. Participating in the 2-0 victory for his family which allowed Juventus to climb back to fifth place at mid-season, the transalpine striker affirms his rise in power. So much so that his coach Massimiliano Allegri did not fail to congratulate him. “It is normal that with an open field in front of him, that Kean becomes a very dangerous player. He can play as a central striker and he can be dangerous especially when the game takes place in the opponent’s zone ”he said before continuing …

“Today, he worked well as a winger, but it’s normal that in such a position he has to learn to move better. But I am very happy with him. From a technical point of view, we all have to work to improve ourselves, but he is 20, 21 years old so he has to work every day and he will improve. ” Confident about the development of his young player, Massimiliano Allegri intends to help him reach maturity and allow him to rediscover the feelings he had in Paris. Given the recent dynamics, there is reason to be confident. Author of three Serie A goals in a team which has scored only 28 in 20 days, Moïse Kean is aware of being able to contribute more to the effectiveness of Vecchia Signora.

Against Naples this Thursday (1-1), the Italian striker only came into play for the last 15 minutes of the meeting. Having little latitude to express himself, he experienced a traumatic event since he was the victim of racist acts. Monkey cries were uttered from the stands. Something serious that he had already experienced against Cagliari during his first stint at Juventus. Back at Juventus, Moïse Kean has known good things, but especially terrible difficulties in a few months of which he is not the cause. Against AS Roma this Sunday, the transalpine international will once again try to express himself on the pitch against a team with whom he scored at the start of the season. It’s up to him to get out of the game.

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