It is a thick 487-page file, “almost a book” of condensed investigations, ranging from serial numbers to disposable laptops used by terrorists at the exact time of death. first of all bullets has been fired, which Ladislas Wedrychowski has been studying thoroughly for weeks.

The lawyer from Orleans holds in his hands the judgment of the investigative chamber of the Paris Court of Appeal, confirming the referral, before the assizes, of the 20 accused of the attacks of November 13, 2015, including the trial opens in Paris this Wednesday, September 8.

A “complex and detailed” document, which retraces down to the second the exact unfolding of the facts, the months of preparation which preceded, “and reflects the importance of extraordinary investigations carried out by the investigating magistrates “.

“We wonder if this will make us plunge back into the throes of post-traumatic stress”: the feverish expectation of the victims of November 13

During this trial which should last 9 months, Ladislas Wedrychowski will represent the interests of the Mutez spouses, a couple from Loirétains whose only son, Christophe, fell under the bullets of the terrorists, in the Bataclan.

Based in Traînou, Christiane and Georges Mutez, respectively 77 and 81 years old, are among some 1,800 civil parties in this historically significant trial.

A crucial moment “for the memory of their son and other victims”, but not necessarily “to mourn”, insists the lawyer, speaking on behalf of his clients who did not wish speak out.

“Christiane and Georges Mutez were deeply bruised by the death of their son. This trial alone will probably not allow them to mourn, even if I believe, nonetheless, that they will come out of it more serene, it is one of the stages of the process.

“Life has taken back its rights”: return to the Carillon terrace, where 9 people lost their lives on November 13

A pivotal stage where, with the identification numbers given to the victims at the start of the investigations (“C5” for Christophe Mutez), faces, names and stories will be yielded.

And the clarification, certainly painful of the facts but necessary to understand. “For Christophe Mutez, who was in the pit when the terrorists entered, he was thought to have been one of the first to be killed, but that is not certain.”

“Testimonies, expert reports … on the contrary suggest that he went to bed during the first detonations, before attempting to flee and being fatally wounded by one of the terrorists. “

If neither the Mutez spouses, nor their lawyer will a priori be called upon to speak at the bar, other civil parties and their counsel will take the floor, potentially giving “a more political turn” to this process. s.

“The possible dysfunctions that led to these attacks not being prevented may be raised, I can not rule out or confirm”.

“Never in my life will I forgive”: the anger of Patricia Correia, mother of Precilia, killed at the Bataclan

The attitude of Salah Abdeslam, the only survivor of the November 13 commando and main accused in this trial, will also be scrutinized. “We are dealing with someone who, rare before the holding of an assizes trial, although this is more common in terrorism cases, has never blinked during his confrontations with the judges of ‘instruction.”

“We do not know anything about him which” emanates “from him. It is certain that a good number of civil parties will challenge him. It is not certain that he will answer. On top of that, we all share great fears. “

Recollection, security and over-mediation: when Paris is preparing to host “the largest trial ever organized”