A woman rushing to the aid of a man who was brutally attacked by a shark at Lake Macquarie described the “terrible screams” when the swimmer was pulled ashore and revealed his first words when he was bleeding lay.

71-year-old Judy Jones was drinking with friends at her waterfront home in Yarrawonga Park when she heard the first cries for help at around 6:30 p.m. on Saturday.

“The screaming was actually terrible,” Ms. Jones said. “(They said) ‘Call an ambulance’. We just took off and ran straight down. When we got down there, he was out of the water and his wife was holding his arm together.

“His arm … it wasn’t together much … (there was) a lot of blood. His wife is a doctor so she was incredibly efficient.”

Police were told that the 58-year-old man and his 56-year-old wife were swimming about 40 meters from the coast when the man was bitten on the left arm. His wife helped him move ashore.

Ms. Jones said she ran home to get a first aid kit and then tried to put a tourniquet around the wound.

“(His wife) held his arm together and I was just trying to put (the tourniquet) around it. It was just bones and flesh.

Ms. Jones and neighbor Lauren Miller said dozens of people had been swimming in the area all day when the mercury nudged 30C.

Grahame Rathbone, New South Wales ambulance inspector, said spectators did a great job applying a tourniquet. “That was possibly life-saving,” he said.


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