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January 26, 2021 at 6:51 pm

Guillaume Depardieu

Julie depardieu

On October 13, 2008, Guillaume Depardieu died of pneumonia at the age of 36. 5 years later, his sister Julie Depardieu was in charge of the release of his album, posthumously, and which he had decided to call Post mortem. Did he feel he was going to die when he recorded it? The one we find in Alexandra Ehle this Tuesday, January 26 on France 3 was convinced in an interview with Le Temps, in 2013.

The actress and companion of Philippe Katerine took the opportunity to lift the veil on this “big guilt” that she kept in her. “Before he died, he called me from Romania while filming, he called me, and he was like an animal, like an animal that must have smelled. It was violent. There was a moment when I didn’t tell him. answered the phone, “she recalled. And to explain her regret at not having answered the one she had renamed “Brother” in her telephone directory.

To our colleagues, this mother of two had indicated that Guillaume Depardieu was the only man in whom she trusted. “He was someone who never betrayed. He understood me better than I did,” said Julie Depardieu. Then continued, “I was pissed off about everything. Before he died, he would leave me messages: ‘Forgive’, or ‘Be able’, stuff like that.” Gérard Depardieu’s daughter met her soulmate a year after the death of her brother. A sign of fate because they are now inseparable.

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