France 2 is broadcasting this Monday, October 11 the TV movie Judged in Justice, with Yannick Choirat and Ophélia Kolb, in which a man is declared guilty by social networks following a miscarriage of justice …

An infernal and unfair gear. This is what the France 2 TV movie Jugé sans justice tells you, to see this Monday, October 11 at 9:05 p.m. Yannick Choirat plays Gustavo, a man wrongly accused of murder. Police believe they hold him responsible for an unsolved murder case, in which a man fatally ran over a father before fleeing. Without understanding what is happening to him and unable to remember where he was on the day of the murder in question, two years earlier, Gustavo finds himself caught in an infernal cycle. That of social networks and their surge of hatred, which substitutes for justice, when the victim’s daughter denounces it in a video on the Internet. Despite its flaws, Judged Without Justice turns out to be chilling because anyone could be this Gustavo.

The TV movie is adapted from Mathieu Menegaux’s novel Is this how men judge? While this is not a true story, it is nonetheless inspired by social facts that will be explored in the documentary The Networks of Anger, presented by Marie Drucker and broadcast in the second part of the evening. “The subject points to the dangerousness of social networks but not only for the young generation, notes in Télé Star the actress Ophélia Kolb, the interpreter of the wife of Gustavo in Judged without justice. Everyone can be impacted: adults , but also institutions, such as the police and justice. “

The actress liked in her character “the way the seed of doubt grows in her mind. She wants to believe in her husband’s innocence, but popular retribution ends up reaching her too.” And what about his own relationship with social media? “Like the majority of people, I use them but mainly for my cultural leisure activities. I keep myself informed of the plays, the exhibitions, the readings, the films… I never post anything personal on the networks, answers Ophélia Kolb, sight in particular in Ten percent. It’s the only way to protect my privacy. “

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