Josiane Balasko answered the indiscreet questions of Cyril Hanouna in Touche pas à mon poste. The actress, famous for her role in Les Bronzés, reveals the secrets of her marriage to George Aguilar.

With George Aguilar, it’s a rolling story: Josiane Balasko spins the perfect love with the American actor. A love that she proudly evokes. Invited on the plateau of Touche not at my post on C8, Tuesday, September 21, the actress answered the indiscreet questions of Cyril Hanouna. Come to present her new play Un châlet à Gstaad, Josiane Balasko plays the role of Françoise, who leads with her husband Jean-Jacques Lombard a dream life, in ease. “As in the play, have you ever had lovers?” Asks the king of the Paf. “Lovers ?, she launches. Without the husband (note: George Aguilar) knowing? Ah, no. Ah well no! I had lovers before, and enough. (…) I am someone faithful. I’ve been with George for 20 years. ” The audience applauds him. “It’s beautiful!” Exclaim the chroniclers on the plateau.

Josiane Balasko has a daughter, the fruit of her love for Philippe Berry. Marilou Berry was born in 1983. After her love affair with Philippe Berry, the Caesarized actress has a new crush on another. The lucky winner is an American actor and stuntman: George Aguilar, seen in particular in Bagdad Café. Josiane Balasko married this discreet man in the media in 2003. The actress proudly displays their romance on the web. The 69-year-old starred in Percy Adlon’s Bagdad Café and Star Trek: The Next Generation.

In the privacy, Josiane Balasko is overwhelmed. “I’ve been lucky with men. When I see how many pretty, smart, cultured young women have a job and can’t find a soul mate, I find it very hard. I’ve always managed to do it. find me great guys “, she confided on the set of Marc-Olivier Fogiel’s couch on France 3.

Josiane Balasko, whose real name is Balaskovic, spent her childhood in a modest environment surrounded by colorful characters she met …

Beautiful couple in photos 2 and 8, atypical and cool, no offense to all the beaufs …

when will she “fall” on a hairdresser who will change his head and make him less vulgar! she’s getting old!

faithful …. it justifies itself very quickly …….
ugly it’s easier for her it’s true, okay with 7:53

I can’t see her anymore and neither does her daughter look like real shrews ….

That she stop drinking the ugly Balasko like her daughter, frankly, that she disasters this woman.

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