Calm returned on Sunday in southern Amman after gunfire and burnt tires by demonstrators protesting the expulsion of a dissenting member from Parliament, told AFP a source of security. According to witnesses, the gendarmes, however, remain stationed at the entrances to Naour, a city in the suburbs of the Jordanian capital and stronghold of the deputy Oussama al-Ajarma, expelled from Parliament on Sunday after taking his leave. Vigilantly raised last week against power cuts in several cities across the kingdom.

Earlier in the day, an official source had indicated that “the police, faced with new riots, had increased their presence and installed checkpoints. ´le around town ”.

Already Saturday evening, “four police officers were injured and hospitalized while they intervened in Naour to put an end to the riots, gunfire and car fires”, the spokesman for the public security directorate, Amer al-Satrawi, said.

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The new clashes on Sunday came after Parliament voted for the final exclusion of Osama Ajarma. The 40-year-old MP had demanded an immediate debate in plenary session after the power cuts, which he was refused. Furious, he had resigned on June 2.

The authorities had cited an outage on the high-voltage line between Jordan and Egypt but the deputy had accused the government of knowingly cutting off the power to block gasoline pumps and prevent a Jordanian tribes march towards Amman in support of the Palestinian cause.

Numerous demonstrations of solidarity with the Palestinians have taken place in recent weeks in Jordan during the conflict between Israel and Palestinian Hamas and clashes between Israeli police and Palestinians on the plaza. Mosques in East Jerusalem.

Jordan has experienced several episodes of protest in recent months, especially against health measures and the economic consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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