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BACOLOD CITY – At least 90 families or 83 people were affected , while on Tuesday, September 7th, 19 homes were damaged by tropical storm “Jolina” in Negros Occidental.

According to data from the Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (PDRRMO), 19 families or 56 individuals were in Barangay Robles, town of La Castellana, hit by heavy rains.

Two houses and 16 more houses and part of a river wall were destroyed in the town Damaged.

A video posted by a resident on social media showed a house made of lightweight materials being swept by a strong river current at an overflow in Barangay Robles.

The town of Isabela became three families or eight People evacuated in Barangay Tinongan and four families or 19 people in Barangay 5.

In the city of Pontevedra, seven families from Barangay Cambarus and 57 others in Barangay San Isidro were also affected by the floods caused by the heavy downpour.

In the town of Hinigaran, a house was damaged while two large narra trees were uprooted, temporarily blocking the national road and affecting the electricity supply.

In addition, there were 136 passengers, most of whom were helpers and Drivers of cargoes were stranded in various seaports in the province after voyages were suspended on Tuesday.

Of these 136 befa According to a report by the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) – Negros Occidental – 20 are in the feeder port of Sagay City, 31 in the port of Danao in Escalante City and 85 in the port of Barcelona in Escalante City.

The next day the PCG issued a recommendation that lifted the suspension of sea voyages from Escalante and Sagay to Tabuelan, Cebu and vice versa.