After a first album, Johnny, sold over 500,000 copies, Yvan Cassar is back with Johnny act II, always in homage to the sacred rock monster. The concept remains the same: mix the powerful voice of the artist on stage with a symphony orchestra. A true artistic performance.

Inside this second album which comes out on Friday September 10, mythical hits signed by Johnny Hallyday such as The Penitentiary or I promise you. “There was this emotion, pure, exceptional when Johnny was on stage, testifies Yvan Cassar, guest of Bonus Track on September 8, 2021. I promise you, precisely, the former artistic director of the star reworked it from tracks discovered when Johnny Hallyday was performing at the Olympia. “He whispered these words, and what’s great about this song is that it’s an eternal crescendo, and the symphony orchestra allows you to exploit that”, continues Yvan Cassar.

An impressive voice that the songwriter tries to continue to bring to life. “It’s different from voices in the studio. On stage, it’s his instinct that speaks, he says things without barriers,” insists Yvan Cassar. And if Act I had conquered the crowds, Act II, it will have the right to its tour in 2022. “It’s a story of passion, we are all together, and we had to reproduce this sonic happiness on stage, ”he explains. Before that, Yvan Cassar will be surrounded by about twenty artists on September 14 at the Accor Hotel Arena, for a concert tribute to the taulier.

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