Invited by journalist Kevin Hart, on the set of the Hart to Heart show, on August 20, John Travolta returned to the death of his wife, actress Kelly Preston and revealed how he had helped his children to cross the ‘test…

It is in July 2020 that John Travolta lives the second test of his life. In 2009, the actor on a family vacation in the Bahamas saw his son Jett die in his arms from an epileptic seizure. Despite the rapid arrival of help, and numerous attempts at resuscitation, the 16-year-old boy did not survive. Many couples cannot resist this type of ordeal. But the Travolta had been able to bounce back by welcoming a little boy named Benjamin. After a few years of happiness surrounded by their two children, the Travolta’s sky had darkened again when the actress – seen in Jerry Maguire – was diagnosed with breast cancer. The fierce fight against the disease ends in July 2020. For the actor and his children it is a blow of the club. The Pulp Fiction star announces leaving social networks to devote himself to his family before making an acclaimed comeback with his daughter Ella Bleu for the Super Bowl …

On the set of the Hart to Heart show, on August 20, John Travolta revealed to the host how he and his children had managed to overcome this ordeal. The comedian in particular evoked an upsetting conversation with his son Benjamin who was on his 10 years at the time of the death of Kelly Preston. “Because mum is dead, I’m afraid that you too will go away” blurted out the boy, forcing John Travolta to an honesty as brutal as it is overwhelming: “Well, you like the truth so I will tell you the truth to About life Nobody knows if its time has come or not Your brother left when he was 16. Too young Your mother left at 57 It was too young But who knows? could die tomorrow. You could die too. Anyone can die. So let’s look at life and understand that death is part of it. We don’t know exactly. We’re just doing our best to try to live as long as possible. ” , explained the actor of 67 years to his son who has apparently learned this terrible lesson of life …

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