“What feeling predominates after this meeting? I am satisfied with the content offered against the leader of the Bundesliga. We went into European mode, we raised the cursor, the Champions League is a higher level. You had to have a dense team, strong defensively. It was also necessary to pose problems to them behind their backs. We can just blame ourselves for not having finished our actions better. And when we got there, it was played a few inches away. But we have shown that we can do great things.

How did you feel about the goal denied to David? The start of the action is right in front of me, there is a forest of legs and I do not see if the ball is out. I tell myself that if the image is not clear, they cannot refuse the goal. If they refuse it, they are right.

What was your game plan? It was necessary to limit the influence of Guilavogui but also that of Arnold. You had to be balanced, good defensively and bring something more offensively. We lacked more efficiency to achieve the perfect match, even if we did not manage our power play very well.

Are you satisfied with this performance after the setback in Lorient (1-2) We responded present, we represented the LOSC, Ligue 1. We play the Champions League at 300%. The frustration that can arise from a match like that of last Friday, in Lorient, can be evacuated by this type of meeting. And you have to cultivate that. We have seen the true face of LOSC. “

Ref: https://www.lequipe.fr