The Chicago Bulls have just announced that Joakim Noah, who will be honored tonight at Joakim Noah Night, has been named franchise ambassador.

“I’m truly grateful to be honored by both the team and the city I have always loved and respected,” said Noah. “Even more to be able to celebrate tonight with my family, friends, former players and coaches, and most importantly, the Bulls fans who have given me energy throughout my years with the Bulls at United Center. It means so much to me to be a Bull for life now. I love you all and I am delighted tonight to strengthen my connection with the Bulls and the city of Chicago, in this new chapter of my life. “

“When Joakim was playing for the Bulls you could see how much he cared about the kids and everything that was going on in the city,” said Michael Reinsdorf, president and CEO of the Bulls. “He always comes to town, and he still cares about the kids just as much. The people of Chicago realize that he was more than just a basketball player, he was someone who cared about the community, someone who was going to do his best to make a difference in this world and he l ‘did. Joakim embodies all the qualities one looks for in a team ambassador. This is a natural step for a former player who has always given back to Chicago. “

As Ambassador, Noah will work with the Bulls to build relationships with the Chicagoans and the Bulls Nation. In return, the Bulls will make an annual donation to their charity, the Noah’s Arc Foundation.

In 2015 Jooks won the J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award which honors a player for his services rendered and his action towards the community and in particular populations in need. The Frenchman had been rewarded for his commitment to helping the children of Chicago and his fight against violence. Through his Noah’s Arc Foundation (NAC), in 2015 he launched the “Rock Your Drop: The Drop of Consciousness” program, an anti-violence initiative.

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