The 50m freestyle, France-Brazil in volleyball, the last blue boxer, the men’s foil and the BMX (Park) will be playing next night in Tokyo.

Swimming, 50m freestyle (at 3h30) The Manaudou-Dressel showdown. The American stands as the strong man of the world nation. After the 100m, the 4x100m and the 100m butterfly, insatiable he is aiming for a new gold medal. On his way, a determined man, revived who after gold in 2012 in London and silver (for a hundredth) in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro) is ready for anything. Inspired by the Olympic atmosphere, Florent Manaudou is gaining momentum. The Frenchman must succeed in the perfect race to hope to overtake the American. A heavyweight duel.

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Volleyball, France-Brà © sil (4h05) To win absolutely so as not to depend on anyone, and thus avoid reliving the scenario of Rio, when the Blues had been ejected from the tournament by a defeat known as of convenience by the Italians against the Canadians. The only problem, opposite, Earvin Ngapeth and others will find nothing less than the Brazilian title holders, already qualified but who must win to finish in the first two and avoid a complicated quarter. It remains to be seen which French team the South Americans will defy. If it is the one seen against the United States or Argentina, their mission will be easy. If this is the one who woke up two days ago to dominate Russia in four sets, it will be tougher.

BMX, Park Finale (at 4:20 am) Anthony Jeanjean is one of the 9 finalists of the “Park” which makes its entry into the Olympic program and promotes the skate spirit. Coming out of qualifying, the Frenchman hopes to come out with acrobatic figures (“tricks”) which will make the difference. Placed, the French BMX race version (three men and one woman) did not manage to grab the slightest medal. And French cycling is still waiting for its first podiumâ ?? ¦

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Boxing, quarter-finals 91 kg (at 6:24 am) Mourad Aliev is already advancing as the last representative of blue boxing which had, through his repeated medals, punctuated the end of the Olympics of the French team in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 and put a smile on the face of the entire delegation. The northern left-hander, originally from Russia, will meet in the quarterfinals with Briton Frazer Clarke. An opponent he has already beaten in the final of the Olympic qualifying tournament last June.

Fencing, Men’s foil by teams (3h45) History of finishing beautifully in a beautiful Games for French fencing, which has already collected four medals, the men’s foil by teams will try add a fifth this Sunday. Led by their leader Enzo Lefort, beaten in the individual quarter-finals, the Blues can also rely on Maxime Pauty and Julien Mertine. In the quarterfinals, they will challenge Egypt.

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