Longtime professional wrestling announcer and commentator Jim Ross is reportedly being removed from the list of many AEW commentators, and that change will come in the coming months.

As longtime wrestling fans through the annals of time look back; Maybe you’re even looking in your memories of the first game you ever saw, maybe it’s Jim Ross’ familiar southern train that calls you from those corners in the back of your mind.

His career was undoubtedly legendary and so was his name is synonymous with professional wrestling.

When I was young and the core thought of being a writer and journalist was further away, it was Jim Ross’s column in Raw Magazine that helped me get into the pointing in the right direction – especially when it comes to my professional wrestling news writing.

His voice has been authoritative, headstrong and knowledgeable when it comes to what I believe to be the greatest sport of mankind.

He is up there with Tony Schiavone and “The Professor”, Mike Tenay himself, the best in the business in my opinion, and there have been a lot of announcers over the years, but we call these three men the OGs for now.

The story the good old JR is good doc renounced and it is perhaps his time and his influence at WCW and of course WWE that have made him as well known in the industry as they are today.

He started AEW in 2019 – since it was founded – and that gave him his commitment back then new brand and promotion had a certain validity, as well as that of Schiavone and the list of many wrestlers who had already signed up at the time.

In an interview with DAZN in 2019, Jim said about his contract and his commitment with AEW :

“… The contract I came here with was for three years because he (Khan) wanted it. He wants stability. It made Time Warner happy because they have been used to my work at their company for many years and also to the WWE stuff… ”However, it was reported by ringsidenews.com that although he was, as they put it , from announcing and invoking games with the panel, would still be a part of the show and fulfill his aforementioned 3-year contract with others.

What comes after that is uncertain. It has been said that he will continue to do backstage interviews and the like, but will soon be leaving the announcement table on a full-time basis.

These changes will not come suddenly, however, as the source citations suggest; maybe even if the three-year contract has expired and needs to be extended. But for all that, Ross is so ingrained into any AEW-based programming that it’s very hard to imagine it running out completely, which is really rather unlikely.

“… don’t be surprised if JR’s existing contract is not extended for his current role / position / duties …”

He will apparently still be announcing some special games, and we will still see the legend, so that’s the positive thing about all of this. Another positive aspect is that a new generation of announcers will get the chance to get into the role and maybe make a name for themselves, as Excalibur did – meanwhile a standby standby for comments at AEW.

At 69, Jim Ross has no plans to retire, so we hope to see him in backstage segments and commentary on special events in the years to come.

Plus, it brings me back to hear him and Tony comment together, and it’s never a bad thing these days folks.

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