The 29-year-old model, in a relationship with the Italian player of Paris-Saint-Germain for almost a year, paradoxically takes part in the new season of the Marseille-stamped reality show filmed in Dubai.

For just over a year, Jessica Aidi has been known to fans of the PSG football club as the companion and now fiancée of Marco Verratti. The 28-year-old Italian international midfielder, who has played for the Paris club since 2012, has shared his life for a long time with his youthful sweetheart, Laura Zazzara, with whom he had two boys in March 2014 and January 2018. In a few weeks , on W9, this player particularly linked to the image of Paris-Saint-Germain will see his half evolve in … “The Marseillais”.

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“It did not occur to me that it could pose a problem”, reacted Jessica Aidi in a long interview granted to the Parisian / Today in France by revealing that Marco Verratti had reminded him that he was “when even ”a player from Paris. “That’s my woman’s side, I’m not a football fan, I don’t think in terms of sporting hostility,” this international model, who notably posed for Sports Illustrated magazine, said with amusement. Producer Benjamin Giazzi would only have discovered after the fact, as a pleasant surprise, this link with Paris-Saint-Germain.

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In the new season of the “Marseillais” currently filmed in Dubai, Jessica Aidi will be the booker of the candidates in charge of managing and supervising their activities. “The boys recognized me and made the connection directly. Like any self-respecting Marseillais, they are real football fans, ”she told our colleagues. “Needless to say, it was copiously chambered in the process. I am from Montpellier, I am neither Parisian nor football fan. But, since I have been with Marco, obviously I have rallied to the Parisian cause, the bonds of the heart prevail above all. ” And Marco Verratti would have advised him to remain, in his image, respectful of the rivalry between Paris and Marseille without going into the escalation.