The documentary series “Chasing Ghislaine” looks at the sum of secrets held by Ghislaine Maxwell, who is currently awaiting trial in the Jeffrey Epstein case, which is due to begin on November 29.

Accused of recruiting minors for the financier and his entourage, the daughter of newspaper mogul Robert Maxwell will plead not guilty to all six counts for which she faces up to 80 years in prison, according to the defense. The investigation by journalist Vicky Ward, available in three episodes and accessible on the Discovery channel (in France via SFR), presents Ghislaine Maxwell as the only person able today to shed light on the vast network that orbiting Jeffrey Epstein.

“Jeffrey Epstein could never have done all of this without the unconditional support of a powerful socio-economic group. And I am not saying that the men suspected necessarily participated in the abuse of minors. But their names appear on Jeffrey Epstein’s fan club roster – including Bill Gates, Prince Andrew, Leslie Wexner, Bill Clinton, financier Leon Black, among other very powerful figures. The question is, “What were these men doing with Jeffrey Epstein, especially when no one knew he was a sex offender?” These are the questions I try to answer in the documentary, and Ghislaine is the key that opens the door to this world in which she grew up, ”explains Vicky Ward to the American website TMZ.