These are heartbreaking revelations. Asked about TPMP about lung cancer that affects Jean-Pierre Pernaut, Nathalie Marquay revealed having had a premonitory dream, the day before the announcement of her husband’s illness.

On September 16, 2021, Nathalie Marquay released a new book, titled Me I believe, my angels, my guides, my premonitions, in which she talks about her premonitory dreams. Invited on the Touche plateau not at my post, this Monday, November 22, to discuss the lung cancer that strikes her husband, Jean-Pierre Pernaut, the former Miss France was questioned on how she knew, above all the world, that her husband was not in good health. “It seems that you had a premonition?” Asks Cyril Hanouna. Tom and Lou’s mother replied in the affirmative: “I have a lot of premonitory dreams, which have saved my husband a lot, several times”.

Nathalie Marquay then remembers that famous night, when she discovers that Jean-Pierre Pernaut is going to have health problems: “I have a nightmare and I dream that there is Jean-Pierre and my son, in a car and that there is a truck hitting them in and I don’t see my son at all, but I see my husband who was filled with soot. I wake up with a start, my heart pounding, at that moment, so much that I sweating, I have to go take a shower “. But when she wakes up, her son and her husband are not at home: Jean-Pierre Pernaut accompanied Tom to a car race: “There I call Jean-Pierre and I tell him: ‘I made a nightmare, when you come back especially roll slowly, because I had a bad nightmare and I don’t like it at all ‘(…) Once he got home, I said to myself’ Phew that’s not it. But there is something serious Jean-Pierre, I do not know what it is, it will be on you or Tom but I am aiming at you more ‘”, warns the former Miss.

Unfortunately, the next day, the bad news fell: “We had the prognosis of the result, that it was lung cancer. And he was cured of the first lung”. A few months later, rebelote.Nathalie Marquay has a new premonitory dream: “And in August I have a second nightmare where there are autumn leaves falling and I see Jean-Pierre. I say to myself ‘he there is something going to happen by the time there is going to be fall. So I tell Jean-Pierre about it: ‘I’m not well, there is a bad sign for someone in the family to the month of October ‘. And the first day of October we found out about his lung cancer from the other side. ” Heartbreaking revelations.

Born in 1967 in Comines, Nathalie Marquay is currently known to be the wife of Jean-Pierre Pernaud. Young, she dreams of fame and …

141 / I completely agree with you! And the comments which do not stroke “in the direction of the hair” disappear directly !!!!

Nothing less than 6 Articles on cancer by J P Pernaut since last night. Not possible for Closer to summarize everything in 1 Alone?

When She comes forward to talk about Her and “her gifts” What a logorrhea! It is a vulgarity !!! What indecency! When we think of JPP’s first wife and his first children! What Respect! What discretion! They are worthy! They always have been!

Ah, it’s incredible these people who stage their misfortunes (well that of their loved one) … She is sure to be on TV, her daughter too … What misery!

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