Jean-Pierre Pernaut would be suffering from lung cancer according to information from Touche not at my post, published this Monday, November 22. In 2018, the former presenter of the 13h of TF1 had already led a fight against prostate cancer.

This is bad news for Jean-Pierre Pernaut and his family. The former presenter of the 13h of TF1 would have been overtaken by the disease. According to information from the program Touche pas à mon poste, the journalist is suffering from lung cancer. “The famous journalist has just learned that he was suffering from lung cancer after having conquered prostate cancer,” he wrote on a tweet from the account of Cyril Hanouna’s show. His wife, Nathalie Marquay, columnist for TPMP, should be present, this Monday, November 22, on the set of C8, to say more “on the state of health” of her husband, specifies the tweet. “I will come back to this ordeal which once again touches my family hard …”, she said on her Instagram account.

In September 2018, the journalist had temporarily left his chair as presenter of the 13h of TF1 to lead a fight against prostate cancer. An illness which the journalist had decided to speak about publicly. “I stayed in the hospital for a fortnight because the operation is heavy. After that, it’s a bit complicated because we have a urinary catheter for a week or two, it’s not pleasant. And then it’s not a shame to walk around with a diaper for a few weeks or a few months, “he confided during the show Star à nu. In April 2019, he said in Paris Match: “The doctor told me that I could consider myself cured. I was lucky to have been detected, operated on in time. Luckily, again, I did not did not need treatment afterwards: this operation eliminated the beast. “

After having conquered cancer, Jean-Pierre Pernaut had finally made the decision to stop the presentation of the 13h of TF1 after 33 years at the head of the television news. A decision that he had not made with a happy heart, but rather to take better care of his health. “Since my cancer, I have small strokes of fatigue in the afternoon”, he had recognized in the columns of the Parisian, in December 2020. And to conclude: “To present a newspaper, you have to be at 100% of its form. I feel that I am only 95%. I might as well not take any risks. “

This is terrible news for @pernautjp. The famous journalist has just learned that he has lung cancer after beating prostate cancer. His wife, @nmarquaypernaut will be in #TPMP this evening to tell us all about her husband’s state of health.

Unfortunately cancer scares me more than Covid we can only wish it the best because after prostate cancer it is the lungs.
But frankly I really have trouble understanding what drives people to go to TPMP to tell their misfortunes. The last time it was the Daltons before repentant robbers !!! Gastro, flu, colds, cancer really Hanouna takes everything and is ready to do anything for the audience, he is not watching, now if there are fools to go there and watch!

Vulgarity embodied. The girl seems to take over .. cats don’t make dogs.

Another audience for Baba, who does not hesitate to exploit all the misfortunes of “people” for the greatest satisfaction of those who appreciate “being able to have fun with their family” in front of this “media” program …

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