Jean-Paul Belmondo may be old, his youngest daughter has just celebrated her 18th birthday in August! Stella Belmondo, model and aspiring student of Sciences Po, has it all. At her young age, the young lady is absolutely gorgeous, and looks like her famous father. On her 18th birthday, Stella Belmondo presented us with a photo of her in a bikini that shows her in her best light. The Objeko team invites you to discover the daughter of “Bébel”, and her very charming shot… Here we go!

Jean-Paul Belmondo is one of the sacred monsters of French cinema. Now 88, the actor has made his mark on the 20th century. “Bébel” began his career very young on the boards. His first major role, and still the most iconic to this day for moviegoers, is that of Michel Poiccard in the film Breathless by Jean-Luc Godard.

During the 1960s, Jean-Paul Belmondo was a real star, stringing together dramatic and comedic roles, and action-packed films. He does a lot of his stunts himself, which adds to his popularity. A true French-style Tom Cruise, less Scientology!

Jean-Paul Belmondo is also a family heritage. Son of a sculptor and a painter, Bébel made his own name and surpassed his parents. The actor married Renée Constant, known as Élodie Constantin, in 1959. They have three children together: Patricia, Florence, and Paul. The couple eventually divorce, and Jean-Paul Belmondo finds love again with Natty Tardivel, dancer and actress. The couple married after many years of living together. When he is now 70 years old, Jean-Paul Belmondo and his wife have a child: Stella Belmondo.

Stella Belmondo comes from a rather unusual family. Indeed, his siblings are old enough to be his parents. Her nephews and nieces are also all older than her. Arriving very late in the life of her father Jean-Paul Belmondo, the young woman nevertheless leads a very normal childhood, despite tensions between her parents. Indeed, Bébel and his ex-wife quarreled over the young woman, given the actor’s sulphurous relationship. Fortunately, this is all in the past, and tensions have since subsided. Jean-Paul Belmondo nicknames his youngest daughter “his sun”, and confided to Paris-Match in 2016 “this child is really my joy of living”.

Stella Belmondo is a very good student, and always has been. Jean-Paul Belmondo had bought her a horse to congratulate her on her excellent work.

The young woman has just completed her studies at the International Bilingual School (EIB) in Paris. She plans to pursue a course at Sciences Po, just that!

But Jean-Paul Belmondo’s daughter has more than one trick up her sleeve. Coming from such a family of famous artists, it’s no wonder that she follows a fairly similar path. “I do not know if I will be able to escape it, but it is true that, in our family, everyone exercises more or less an artistic profession”, she had confided to our colleagues from Paris Match. It seems that his career is already well underway!

Stella Belmondo may be only 18 years old, she is already a hell of a beautiful woman! Jean-Paul Belmondo’s daughter began her career as a model and influence, with great success. The young girl who looks like two drops of water to her father already has 28,000 followers on Instagram.

We can already see that it is likely to be very successful! On August 15, while enjoying the holidays, Stella Belmondo took a lovely shot in a blue bikini. The young woman had just celebrated her 18th birthday a few days earlier. The bright color highlights her breathtaking tan, inherited from her father’s tanned complexion with Sicilian origins.

Her light blue eyes are piercing, and her mysterious smirk seems an invitation to join her in the sun …

Jean-Paul Belmondo can be proud of his beloved daughter, who is likely to turn all heads! Count on Objeko to keep you up to date with the development of Stella Belmondo’s career, which will undoubtedly bring us some equally alluring new shots over the next few months, as she is now of age.

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