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In 1964, Jean-Paul Belmondo was already a huge star. Selim Sasson, the RTBF cinema man at the time, received him on his show “Le carrousel aux images”. The idea is to do an original interview, in the form of a casting. Goguenard, Jean-Paul Belmondo, barely 30 years old, willingly slips into the skin of a young premier. And the result is up to the talent of the actor, and the presenter. The footage is cult and kept in our Sonuma archives.

Belmondo introduces himself, Sasson retorts that this name will have to be changed … A series of exchanges, facial expressions, verbal jousting … On the possession of a driving license, the ability to change gears … Selim Sasson will be ironic on the actor’s declamation talents: “I would ask you if you have any notions of declamation, I suppose you are going to tell me that you are the conservatory’s grand prix?”. To which the member of the “conservatory band” retorts: “Exactly, award of excellence, unanimously.”

A great moment to see and see again with the actor who died on Monday at the age of 88, as was another interview carried out during the show “Le carrousel aux images” devoted to the filming of “Weekend à Zuydcoote”.

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