The Prime Minister, Jean Castex, inaugurated Thursday, January 13 two new metro stations in Montrouge and Bagneux (Hauts-de-Seine) which bear the names of the singer Barbara and the resistant Lucie Aubrac, enjoying the feminization of the Ile-de-France network. “Women are in the spotlight this (Thursday) morning. And what ladies! And what ladies! ”Exclaimed the head of government during a ceremony in Bagneux.

Barbara and Lucie Aubrac were “extraordinary women who, each in their own way, have deeply marked the history of our country”, uniting “values, common fights for our Republic”, he said. “I am also happy that these two stations are helping to feminize, and in what way !, a transport network in the Ile-de-France region, which (…) had until then, it must be said , more room for great men than for our great women, ”remarked Jean Castex. “Here is an error which begins to be fixed!”

The extension of line 4 of the Paris metro – mentioned in this sector of the southern suburbs since 1929 – must bring 37,000 additional passengers every day, strengthening its second place in terms of attendance with 700,000 daily travelers (before the Covid-19 pandemic). It cost 406 million euros, contributed 60% by the Ile-de-France region, 25.7% by the state and 14.3% by the department of Hauts-de-Seine.

AT?? on the Montrouge and Bagneux border, the deep Barbara station serves the cemetery where the singer is buried. At the Bagneux-Lucie Aubrac terminus, an eco-district must rise from the ground once the stigmas of the double project of the extension of line 4 and the construction of line 15 of the Grand Paris metro have been repaired. © e for the end of 2025. The work is not yet finished on line 4, since its automation is in progress. The first automatic subways are due to run there from the summer of 2022, before the disappearance of trainsets with conductors at the end of 2023.

AT?? The future metro line 15 is already pushing up the prices of the cities served

Jean Castex – who never misses an opportunity to proclaim his love of trains and public transport – described the day’s extension as “very, very beautiful piece of a vast puzzle” which will continue in particular with the metro du Grand Paris, which is to irrigate the Parisian suburbs. “Public transport, because it is (…) at the crossroads of the major challenges of ecological transition, regional planning, industrial policy and technological innovation, major public works, are at the heart of our public policies ”, he declared.

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What about new stations for men, still not? Well no, everyone knows that men are worth nothing …

The pandemic, with its attendant lockdowns and health restrictions, has reduced social lifeâ ?? ¦

A flagrant investigation for “violence in meeting with weapon and with premeditation” was opened this Saturday, announced the prosecutor of Colmar.