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To play the villain of the feature film “Jason Bourne”, broadcast this Sunday evening on France 2, French actor Vincent Cassel drew his inspiration … from sharks!

Matt Damon being stalked by a shark? There is a bit of that in Jason Bourne, broadcast this Sunday evening on France 2! To play the bad-guy of the fifth installment of the franchise, the French actor Vincent Cassel indeed drew his inspiration from the terrifying fish which had its cinematic moment of glory in front of Steven Spielberg’s camera with The Teeth of the Sea.

To play the seasoned and pitiless agent known under the name of Asset, a very physical role including very little dialogue, Vincent Cassel confided to be inspired by this disturbing sea animal, he who had already lent his voice. to a saber-toothed tiger (the Ice Age saga) and a fox (Le Petit Prince). And the actor to appropriate a little of this aquatic threat in gesture, gaze and intention.

The feature film Jason Bourne, which sees Vincent Cassel succeed Clive Owen, Karl Urban and Edgar Ramirez in the role of the villain of the saga initiated in 2002, allowed the actor to find Matt Damon a few years after Ocean’s Twelve. Like the Hollywood star, the “frenchie”, in addition to this mimetic approach with sharks, worked very hard physically for his role.

“I was ready. As I shot in quite a few rather violent films, I ended up acquiring a certain mastery of the scenes of fights, the handling of weapons, falls”, declared in 2016 the actor to our colleagues from L’Express. “As an ‘old actress of composition’, I ate potatoes and gunshots!”

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