For several years, Jarry has established himself on small screens. Both host and comedian, the Angevin returns this Monday, October 11, in the new fiction of TF1. A TV movie inspired by his family history and his relationship with his father. A new challenge that the actor accepted with joy: “People will discover part of my life as well as my real village of Rablay-sur-Layon, near Angers. I could never make a more intimate film,” a – he confided to Tvmag, this Monday, October 11, 2021. “I didn’t want a TV movie where you say to yourself that it’s overplayed, I wanted something authentic and humble. J ‘I want those who see in me only a hysterical and uncontrollable person realize that I am other “, assures the comedian.

A different exercise from his shows, in which he does not hesitate to evoke his coming-out and his fight to start a family. Because beyond his roles as troublemaker, Jarry is a committed artist. Whether on stage or on sets, he has recounted on numerous occasions the complicated journey he had to undertake with his companion to have their two children, born in June 2016. “I had initiated an adoption with my boyfriend. companion. You should know that adopting in this country for a homosexual couple, it takes even longer and in addition, you are given children ‘with particularities’ as they say. What is absolutely despicable in this country in 2019 ” , he had denounced on the set of It will not come out of here! (…)

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Jarry struggled to contain his emotion this Monday, October 11 on the set of Quotidien. Come to present Beside, a TV movie loosely based on his personal story, the comedian shed a few tears when talking about the end of his father’s life.

TF1 was broadcasting this Monday evening At your side, a fiction inspired by Jarry’s life with his father. After the broadcast, Internet users were unanimously overwhelmed by the TV movie, and in particular the performance of Jarry.

Happy with his companion and their two children, Jarry almost did not experience this happiness. Before assuming his homosexuality, the actor lived a few years with a woman.

Currently at the theater in The family and the vegetable garden, Marie-Anne Chazel has engaged in the game of the interview with Jordan de Luxe. The opportunity to reveal that she has already refused to participate in a show: Dance with the stars.

This Monday, October 11, TF1 is broadcasting Beside, a unitary co-written by Jarry. Being part of the casting, the former candidate of Dance with the stars Terence Telle broadcast images of the TV movie where he appears naked.

Favorite of the legislative elections in Iraq, the current of the influential Shiite leader Moqtada al-Sadr claimed on Monday as the first force in Parliament, with more than 70 seats out of the 329 in the chamber. Preliminary results seem to confirm this trend. The party of Iraqi Shiite leader Moqtada al-Sadr claimed, Monday evening October 11, the first force in the new Parliament elected during the early legislative elections which struggled to attract voters weary of a system they are

The New York Stock Exchange ended lower on Monday, worried about poorer-than-expected business results and soaring energy prices.

In twenty years, Andy Serkis, the actor who plays the chimpanzee Caesar in the Planet of the Apes franchise, has established himself as the undisputed master of motion capture.

Sylvie Vartan will be Michel Drucker’s guest of honor in Vivement dimanche on France 2 on October 10. Find out which other personalities will take their place in the famous red sofas.

COMPANY – Three Bordeaux partners have just started marketing a 100% European-made city bike

Equipped with space suits, astronauts simulate the conditions of life on Mars and prepare for the possible exploration of the red planet.

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As usual, Elon Musk wanted to mark the spirits for the inauguration of the first Tesla factory in Europe.

Lebanon was plunged Saturday, October 9 in a total blackout after the shutdown of the activity of two important power stations for lack of fuel.

In Texas, the right to abortion is the subject of a legal battle between the Republican state and the Democratic administration. Texas law SB8 prohibits any abortion after 6 weeks of pregnancy, so 2 weeks after the possible observation of a delay in the rules. On September 1, the law came into force, last Wednesday October 6, at night, a federal judge suspended it and Friday a federal appeals court reinstated it. What are the next steps ? With our c

Thierry Breton indicated that the EU would encourage each state to lower taxes on energy in order to redistribute to the most disadvantaged. “All states will benefit from this situation because there are a lot of taxes on energy,” he added.

INVESTIGATION – The Bordeaux public prosecutor’s office says it will open a criminal investigation Monday morning, after the driver of a car drove through the wall of a house with his vehicle killing a couple of women

For almost 20 years, the first signed albums of the modern-day poet have been unavailable, due to disputes between the singer and his record company. On the occasion of the reissue of his works, Liberation painted the portrait of MC Solaar in its October 11 edition. Discreet about his privacy, the rap pioneer has let himself go to some confidences about his sentimental life.