The great sumo champion Hakuho, who in twenty years of career has broken almost all records in this Japanese discipline, has decided to retire from sports due to knee injuries, the Japanese media reported on Monday. . The 36-year-old yokozuna – sumo’s most prestigious rank – of Mongolian origin, reigned supreme in the sport, winning a record 45 tournaments during his career. But, caught up with injuries, his participations were becoming increasingly rare: Hakuho had only gone after three tournaments out of 11 in the last two years – winning them all three, and his last participation was in July.

Due to a coronavirus case in the “heya” (brotherhood) he belongs to, Hakuho was barred from competing in the big Tokyo fall tournament which ended on Sunday. He is said to have decided to throw in the towel because of persistent pain in his right knee, according to local media. Contacted by AFP, the Japanese Sumo Association (AJS), which governs the discipline, did not immediately confirm his retirement.

Hakuho first climbed the dohyo, the clay platform where fighting takes place, in 2001, shortly after arriving from Mongolia, rising to the rank of supreme of yokozuna in 2007.

His fierce rivalry with compatriot Asashoryu had aroused spectator excitement in the late 2000s. But subsequently Hakuho’s dominance in the absence of serious rivals, the lack of Japanese champions. and a series of scandals had seriously damaged interest in the sport. The only active yokozuna after Kakuryu’s retirement in March, Hakuho was joined to that rank in July by Mongolian Terunofuji. Hakuho acquired Japanese nationality in 2019, a requirement to stay in the sumo world and open his own heya, where he can focus on training the young talents he has started to unearth. for several years.

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Retirement at 36, dead around 50, is more than for the French who retire between 62 and 67 and die on average at 77.

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