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Geneva, Switzerland – WHO said on Friday that Japan was doing its best to minimize the risk of the spread of COVID-19 during the Tokyo Olympics, but stressed that there was no such thing as zero risk.

The warning of the The World Health Organization came when Japan extended the virus state of emergency in Tokyo and expanded the measure to four more regions as it battles a record surge in infections a week after the games postponed by the pandemic.

“There is no such thing as zero risk. There may be less or more risk. And then, to make things happen with low risk, do your best, “said WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus at a virtual press conference from the Geneva headquarters of the UN Health Authority.

Japan and the International Olympic Committee (IOC)” have done their best to minimize the risk because no one should expect zero risk, “he said.

Across Japan for the first time on Thursday, new virus cases topped 10,000, and a number of government officials and health experts have warned that the more contagious Delta -Variant fueling a dangerous surge.

On Friday, he urged the world to use the Olympic spirit of unity to end the pandemic, saying his IOC speech aimed to make the Games the largest platform Use the spread of the message.

“Do you really accept 1.5 percent vaccinations in Africa, while in some countries it is already 70 percent?” He said.

“Don’t we need a platform like di e Olympic Games to tell the truth that the world is doing the wrong things morally, epidemiologically and economically?

“We are going the wrong way and we have to use the spirit of the Olympic Games to correct it.”

He said the image of an Olympic torchbearer wearing a mask would remind the world of the pandemic for generations to come.

“It shows that we are doing this in very difficult conditions when we come across a dangerous one Virus being taken hostage. But at the same time, it shows me the determination to fight back. ”

WHO Emergency Director Michael Ryan said the organizers of the Games and the IOC had put in place extensive risk management measures, with close monitoring, regular testing of athletes and delegates, and deployment of quarantine and isolation.

“The real drivers of this pandemic are not the Olympic Games; They are really related to the deep inequalities we have in the distribution and availability of vaccines, “said Ryan.

He said the Olympics were based on fair play and Tedros’ trip to Tokyo should encourage the world to to do the same with the distribution of vaccines to fight Covid-19, which hit some countries “very unfairly and very unfairly”.