This is the first time that the death penalty has been applied since December 2019 and the arrival to power of Prime Minister Fumio Kishida last October.

“Three death row inmates were executed today.” An official from the Japanese Ministry of Justice made the announcement on Tuesday, December 21. He is a 65-year-old man convicted of the hammer-and-knife murder of seven family members and neighbors in 2004, and two men, 54 and 44, convicted of a double murder in 2003. The last execution in Japan was in December 2019. This is the first time that the death penalty has been applied since Prime Minister Fumio Kishida came to power.

Japan executed three convicts in 2019 and 15 in 2018, including 13 members of the Aum sect, involved in a sarin gas attack in the Tokyo metro in 1995. Despite international criticism, the Japanese people support the death penalty. “While atrocious crimes continue to be committed, the death penalty must be imposed on those who have perpetrated acts of such gravity and atrocity as it is inevitable”, justified the Deputy Secretary General of the government. Japan currently has more than 100 people on death row.

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