When Amazon bought MGM, the question always arose as to what would happen to the James Bond franchise. While producer Barbara Broccoli was keen to state that she thinks the franchise is a cinematic event that will remain so, would Amazon see it the same way or there would be a sudden wave of bond-derived TV shows? who would come towards us? Well, it looks like Amazon has so far viewed things the same way as Broccoli, with the producer having received confirmation from the streaming giant that future James Bond stories will be heading to theaters rather than platforms. streaming.

Daniel Craig is set to have his swan song onscreen as a super spy and when we see the character return again is he unknown, but comments from Amazon seem to suggest that the cast of ‘a new James Bond is definitely something on the horizon. and a lot in their thoughts. Speaking to Sky TV, Broccoli appeared with Craig in preparation for the release of No Time to Die.

“We focused on making the films for theatrical release and… I think that’s our position. [Amazon] certainly told us that movies will be theatrical movies in the future. And we’ll see what happens, ”Broccoli said.

Daniel Craig added that he was very grateful that his latest Bond adventure, one of the biggest, longest and most expensive in the entire franchise, was finally released in theaters and was not forced to follow. the route of streaming many other films that have suffered similar delays. thanks to the various Covid confinements.

“It would have been sad [to see it on a streaming service], and we got here and we’re actually going to go into theaters,” he said, referring to MGM which is awaiting a theatrical release, before to recall his reaction to being cast for the iconic role. “I just said I can’t, I mean; I think you got the wrong guy. Thank you, flattering, but I think you got the wrong person. I didn’t know Barbara had already made up her mind. You know, if you know Barbara, that means she’s made up her mind. It was just strange. It was just kinda and honestly, you know, people were saying oh you always wanted to be James Bond. I was fine with it, yeah, kinda as a kid, I kinda thought about it. I want to be Spider-Man too, but I just thought that would never happen. And I never thought it would come on my radar. I was just like, I don’t know, it’s so much pressure and Almighty God, it’s going to be kind of a momentous thing. Am i ready? “

No Time to Die arrives in UK theaters on September 30 after its world premiere at the Royal Albert Hall a few days earlier. The film is released in the United States on October 8, and MGM wants it this time. Barbara Broccoli’s quotes come from Deadline.

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