Former EastEnders star Jake Wood competes against ITV’s Chasers in a Beat The Chasers – Celebrity Special tonight (Saturday).

In today’s program, which starts at 8.30pm, Jake tries to make up to £ 70,000 to be won for Alzheimer Research UK.

The quiz pros on the show are pursuers Mark Labbett, Anne Hegerty, Jenny Ryan, Shaun Wallace and Darragh Ennis.

Jake, who played Max Branning on BBC One Soap EastEnders , wrote on his Instagram page, “Watch me try to beat the chasers on @itvchase on @itv at 8:30 pm tonight to try and win up to £ 70,000 for @alzheimersresearchuk.”

Tonight (May 29) TV presenter Gregg Wallace, comedian Dom Joly, Brenda Edwards of Loose Women and broadcaster Krishnan Guru Murthy join Jake Wood in the quiz arena.

Bradley Walsh is hosting this quiz with high Octane number, at which the participants have the opportunity to play several chasers to m rather to earn money, but with a decreasing time advantage against them.

Former EastEnders stars Jake Wood and Bradley Walsh on ITV’s Beat The Chasers – Celebrity Special.
– Credit: ITV

In the game, questions are switched from the candidate to the pursuers. However, if you ask a question incorrectly, your individual or team’s clock will count down until a question is answered correctly. If you run out of time, you lose the game.

Can the brave celebs with big cash prizes stay cool and beat the pursuers?

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