Jade Hallyday: What Laeticia Hallyday and Jalil Lespert think of Johnny’s daughter’s new lover

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Now 16 years old, Jade Hallyday is living the adventures of a teenage girl almost like any other. The young girl knows in particular her first emotions. Recently the adopted daughter of Johnny Hallyday was seen very close to Tristan Garnier Labadie. Thursday, May 13, she even devoted an entire Instagram story to the radio columnist who was celebrating his 21st birthday. Living in Los Angeles, Laeticia Hallyday’s daughter was unfortunately unable to be present for this important day. Health situation requires, the teenager remained across the Atlantic. “Happy Birthday Tristan, I miss you,” she wrote. Enough of course to stir up rumors around the relationship they have. But according to Closer, Jade Hallyday would have found love in the arms of another.

Since the start of 2021, Joy Hallyday’s big sister has reportedly fallen under the spell of a certain Michael Sean Klemeniuk, a 16-year-old model apprentice and young boss of a jewelry brand called Golden Light Paris. The teenager is also the descendant of an artistic background. He happens to be the son of French producer Thierry Klemeniuk and British actress Gabriella Wright. Friday May 14, the magazine Closer tells that the young man has already been adopted by the Hallyday family.

Michael Sean Klemeniuk is hardly a stranger to the Hallyday clan since his mother, living in Los Angeles, is a friend of André Boudou’s daughter. He had already lived with her earlier this year, when Gabriella Wright had to be away. At the end of last March, we informed you that it was during this stay that Jade Hallyday would have fallen in love with the young boy. Still according to Closer, Laeticia Hallyday, Jalil Lespert and the three teenagers also enjoyed a brunch, before making a detour to the MedMen store, a sort of “Apple Store of cannabis” which sells “different varieties of marijuana” legal in California. Enough to relax the atmosphere and make a successful entry into the in-laws.

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