This noon, the joker of Marie-Sophie Lacarreau wanted to send a moving message to Lionel Charpentier, one of the editors of 1 p.m., who is leaving the channel.

The emotion was very present on the 1pm newscast on TF1. On July 30, Lionel Charpentier, one of the editors of 1 p.m., left the channel to take on other duties.

At the presentation of the newspaper, we found Jacques Legros, the replacement of Marie-Sophie Lacarreau, gone on vacation. The 70-year-old journalist sent an emotional message to Lionel Charpentier: ”
I cannot close this diary without telling you my sadness, our sadness, to see Lionel Charpentier, one of the editors-in-chief of this 1 pm, leave. “

He continues, his voice trembling: “His professionalism, his culture and his modesty will be missed,” added Jacques Legros. He chose to take the time to live, we blame him, but we understand. On behalf of the entire editorial staff, I send him a huge thank you. It was a real pleasure to work with you, Lionel. “

Another iconic TF1 figure also sent a goodbye message to Lionel Charpentier. This is Jean-Pierre Pernaut, who left the 1pm presentation last December. He writes: “A special nod to Lionel Charpentier one of the editors of the life changing 1pm newscast today. Thank you Lionel for everything you have done for so long for this beautiful JT! I kiss you. “