Asked by Le Parisien, Jacques and Thomas Dutronc spoke of their joint tour. But would the son be worried about his father’s alcohol consumption during these concerts?

Fans of the Dutronc clan are in heaven! Thomas and Jacques Dutronc will be back on stage for a duo tour. An initiative taken by the patriarch as evoked by the son, in the columns of the Parisian: “I’ve been dreaming about it for a while. But it was dad who spoke about it first during an interview there is one year, “he says daily. What the ex-companion of François Hardy adds: “I had also spoken about it to a producer who came to offer me a solo tour, a long time ago. I told him that he should not do the tour of too much but that it would not be bad with Thomas “.

A beautiful proof of love and trust between the two men. But Thomas Dutronc remains worried. Indeed, during this interview a little phrase from Jacques Dutronc, which may seem humorous, did not please his son. While they evoke the distribution of their titles, the interpreter of Cactus explains: “The only problem is that I will have to drink again to find the atmosphere”. Thomas Dutronc then specifies: “If you manage to drink a glass or two, it would be good but you are excessive”, he launches to him.

It must be said that Jacques Dutronc suddenly stopped drinking. According to a biography written by Frédéric Quinonero, the singer would have stopped his consumption since the death of Johnny: “Because it scared him very much. Johnny’s death is the loss of a childhood friend that he has always known. He suddenly became aware of the fragility of life, he said to himself that he could well be the next one … especially since it is Eddy Mitchell who sings’ What if only one remains, I’ll be that one. ”If this prophecy is correct, the next“ old scoundrel ”to disappear is Jacques,” he explained in an interview for Nord Eclair. A wise decision that it would be healthy to keep so as not to fall back into its dangerous pitfalls.

An excellent student, Thomas Dutronc was passionate about photography before discovering the music of Django Reinhardt and playing the guitar …

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