Stephen Curry in the third quarter and in overtime? 0 point, 0/6 from the car park. Eternal overpriced, the trophies must be returned.

For the shock of the night in the West, Ja Morant and the Grizzlies traveled to a Chase Center still untouched this season, to face a Warriors team that was still… unbeaten this season. A tough task, but nothing scares these young Bears and their pack leader, and after a match that lasted five minutes longer than average, it was finally the underdogs who overcame the favorites. Well yeah, to win a game you better be good at the end rather than the beginning, poke Stephen Curry.

Revenge of the last play-in that night in San Francisco, with Grizzlies thrilling us and eager to put an end to the immaculate start to the season of Chef Curry and his clerks. Everything to be THE show at the end of the night, and very quickly the actors will validate the observation, with an obviously punctuated match thanks to the two conductors present. The first to take action? Steph thing, who will spend three quarters of his evening tossing sweets on sweets and, spoiler, the “three quarters” is important. Shoots on one leg while laughing like a kid, dribbling at lightning speed, Draymond Green who plays bodyguards, in short the Warriors in the text and if opposite Steven Adams pounded at the start of the match and that it tries to resist in the second quarter, the leader’s 22 pawns at halftime allow Golden State to take a piss with a comfortable ten-point lead.

The following ? A Ja Morant who explodes on the return from the break with 18 puntos in the third quarter, Stephouille who answers him as best he can but little by little the Bear nibbles and gets closer to the final honey, all this promising us an end of the match as we do. like them, between two playful teams who also defend the iron. Defense is ultimately what will make Memphis pass a course since for the third consecutive game Steph will not score … not a shot of the whole last quarter, well held by the Tennessian backcourt and by efficient switches, in particular a Jaren Jackson Jr. struggling in attack but oh so useful in his half of the field. The triple J then the duo Kyle Anderson / De’Anthony Melton, who starts Defend the Land in the money time, then the Chef continues to swing big sausages, one of the last sending everyone in overtime for five minutes extra cold cuts. Draymond Green only finds the solution to stop Ja Morant with a manly hug, a Jaja who will give us a marvelous move in the last minute to give his team the advantage while Steph Curry… in short. Damion Lee may turn into a potential savior, it is ultimately the men of Taylor Jenkins who will seek a victory that owes nothing to anyone, with a Ja Morant in 7/30/5/4 and a Curry in 36/7 / 8 but at 11/29 shooting including about 0/11 between minutes 36 and 53.

Victory for the Grizzlies, defeat for the Warriors, the first this season, and a magnificent duel between two of the league’s top leaders. A duel that could become a classic in the West this season, hoping the two-time MVP quickly realizes that stopping to score half an hour before the end of the game is not necessarily the best idea to win games.

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