The Mayor of Pasig, Vico Sotto, recently posted on Twitter that they will be changing the layout of J. Vargas Avenue. Instead of having three lanes for cars with one bicycle lane, the road will have its own lane for motorcycles and bicycles, each 1.5 meters wide. As a result, a lane is left.

To ensure that cyclists can safely use the cycle path, the path is separated from the rest of the road with plant boxes. It is also painted blue to indicate that only bicycles can use the lane.

Sotto expects drivers to complain about the upcoming changes and requests that the three lanes be returned. However, he stressed that the new layout will be better in the long run. Not only will it encourage alternative modes of transportation, but it will also make J. Vargas Avenue safer for all. Currently, the city government is coordinating the necessary markings and changes with the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH).

This is not the first time J. Vargas Avenue has undergone a layout change. In 2018 the city set up a car pool lane along the main road, much to the public’s dismay. Ultimately, the implementation of the carpooling lane was halted after it proved confusing for road users.

Should more cities adopt Pasig City’s plan to build special motorcycle and bicycle lanes? Let us know in the comments below.

The next time we go on leg three after tomorrow it may be tolled.

The datasheet looks promising for the Ford Equator but should bring in Ford Philippines ?

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