Arthur Cazaux delivered a nice shot in Madrid last weekend. Aged only 18, the finalist of the 2020 Junior Australian Open honored his wild card qualifying for the Masters 1000 in Madrid by knocking out Sebastian Korda, 65th in the world. 603rd at ATP before that, the Montpellierain punished the American 7-6, 6-4 before falling with his head held high against Alexei Popyrin, 77th in the world (7-5, 7-6). Little experienced among the pros, the one who will be around 518th place on Monday has gained a lot of experience during this weekend alone and has above all shown that he has high potential. Fan of Rafael Nadal, the Habs were able to meet his idol every morning and observe him at work. At the microphone of Tennis Actu, Arthur returned to his performance in Madrid, his ambitions for Roland and his goals for the end of the year. And why not challenge Rafael Nadal Porte d’Auteuil next June …

Arthur, how are you? I imagine you are in good spirits after your good qualifying at the Masters 1000 in Madrid?

It’s going great! I had two encouraging matches in the Madrid qualifiers. A victory against Korda, my first top 100 and a hanging loss against Popyrin. I stayed there and was able to train with the best in the world. It’s amazing to do sessions like this with them.

It’s kind of the world I dreamed of since I was little. It’s a goal. Being able to experience this atmosphere is positive. A lot can be learned from it.

Not really impressed but mostly happy to be there. After that, obviously, it changes from the Future and Challenger level. I was pretty comfortable, I trained well with them. It was very cool.

I ran into him every morning in the weight room. I ran into him a few times, I didn’t type the chat but it’s nice to see him like that. (smile) It’s funny to see all the players you see on TV going through their routine.

There is the court, but also everything that you could observe around?

Yes exactly ! It was a rich experience in every way. I was able to interact with other players. When I played with Auger-Aliassime, Toni Nadal was open to discussion, he’s a great guy.

Before the tournament, I had prepared myself well mentally. I knew I would have tough games. I didn’t have any complexes despite my ranking. I’ve had quite a few messages. As soon as I opened my phone, I saw all the notifications. I figured I was going to cut it off and just respond to my friends and family. It was the best thing to do. I replied to everyone afterwards.

There you beat Seb Korda, 65th, embarrassed Popyrin, interesting this week. Is this a nice step forward?

I don’t know if you can call it a cap because it was only a game. It’s an important victory that will serve me well for the future. You can’t call it a cap. It’s sure to help me.

Since your final in Melbourne, everything has been going pretty well, with your first title, the top 500 is approaching, you have beaten a top 100, what is the next step and the next big goals?

It’s gonna be winning a Challenger. Steps also in terms of classification. Get closer to 300th place. Get closer to qualifying for Grand Slam for the future. The big goal here is Roland approaching. Just try to go as far as possible.

I imagine working with Boris Vallejo helps too. Former coach of Cilic in particular, he must have valuable advice?

Yes, he has great experience on the professional circuit. He has a lot of tips to help me on and off the court. How to manage the moments off, etc … When you win on the ATP circuit, you have more demands so his advice helps me a lot.

Roland approaches. How do you see the tournament? You were wild card qualifiers last year, are you hoping for the draw this year?

No, I don’t hope for anything at all. If I have an invitation that’s already great! I want to go as far as possible. I know I have the ability to produce good tennis, to hook up good guys. Play my game, respect my game identity and we’ll see.

Before, I had no doubts. I had done a land preparation with some of the best French people. I made good progress and I saw in training that I could have a good level of play. There obviously, that comforts me in what I thought. It will help me for the future, but not necessarily Roland.

Pfff… Frankly, I don’t care about that. I have no preference. Whether it is against a 200th guy or a 3rd in the world, I go out on the court to win. Obviously, against a great player, it will be harder. I don’t answer the question too much, but I don’t have a preference.

Yes ! A lot of times ! When I was little or even now. I imagine seeing him in front of the court. To play it in a match would be a great experience. There, I fingered a bit during my week on the ATP Tour. It makes you want to reach that level but I still have work and a way to play Nadal.

Continue to progress. Climb up the ATP rankings, try to be top 300 at the end of the year and in terms of the title we’ll see what I do on the Challenger and Future circuits.

Yeah, that’s a big goal. To be in the top 250 would mean that I had good results so that would be a great goal.

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