While Cauchemar en cuisine returns this Wednesday, September 7, 2021 on M6, from 9:05 pm, Chef Philippe Etchebest returns to the new formula of the show, assuming to continue doing the “dirty work” before handing over to Mallory Gabsi .

Return of Nightmare in the kitchen on M6. In the episode of this Tuesday, September 7, 2021, Chef Philippe Etchebest comes to the aid of Sandrine and her boss Alexandre, whose restaurant is located in Carnoux-en-Provence (even fearing to fall ill upon discovering the state of food !). “You should know that with all that has happened, the show makes even more sense,” explains Philippe Etchebest, once again emphasizing the impact of the health crisis. No matter what, there are a lot of restaurants that are and will be in trouble. It should not be forgotten. “

“There is an approach that is a little different on Cauchemar en cuisine, in the numbers that will be arriving, recalls the Chef. I’ve been doing this show for ten years now. It is important to think about a slightly different approach. That’s why I joined Mallory Gabsi, a former Belgian Top Chef candidate. He now accompanies me in Cauchemar en cuisine for several reasons. Now what I do is for the first 48 hours , which are extremely important, I point out what is wrong. And I make people realize that they are going in the wrong direction. Before, I stayed five days with the restaurateurs. My departure was a big shock for them . Even if experts in business management still accompany them for six months, there was still a break. To make it go smoothly, I integrated Mallory so that he accompanies them in the recipes, in the discovery of the restaurant … I give him instructions s, depending on the candidates and their cooking skills. I adapt the recipe, “he continues.

This new formula also allows him to “disengage”, to ensure that restaurateurs no longer expect everything from him. “But it may have been my fault too, maybe I gave a little too much, considers Philippe Etchebest. I let go, and I observe from further away. It empowers them more quickly. We redo an analysis. of the situation, several weeks after my visit. I like receiving them in Bordeaux. But it depends on their geographical location. I find that it is much better, for restaurateurs, because it forces them to take charge of themselves much faster. This formula is really good. It’s true that I do the dirty work, but it is necessary, so that Mallory can work comfortably, with people who are already in a different state of mind “, concludes- he.

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