The holidays are over for Laeticia Hallyday. Johnny’s widow is now in the United States after spending the summer in Saint-Barthélémy alongside her sweetheart and Her daughters.

Laeticia Hallyday has officially left the French speaking island. A very hard start for Jade and Joy’s mother who shared her grief on her Instagram account.

It must be said that the stars have enjoyed their summer in the four corners of the world this year. For their part, Laeticia Hallyday and her little clan have remained true to their habits. Indeed, the forties took her little family to Saint-Barthélémy, where her late husband was buried.

But as everything has an end, David Hallyday’s mother-in-law had to say goodbye to this beautiful country. A start that touched the mother a lot, according to her Instagram post on Friday August 28, 2021.

The beautiful blonde shared a beautiful snapshot of the island, photographed by her lifelong friend, the director, Pierre Rambaldi. The publication was accompanied by a very touching text.

Laeticia Hallyday finally set foot on American territory on Monday August 30, 2021. Inseparable from her darling, the two lovebirds did not want to waste time and have already taken advantage A little romantic getaway.

It is in Malibu that Jalil Lespert and Jade’s mother took a walk. A small moment that the director wanted to immortalize with a snapshot of his beautiful. In the photo, we see a smiling Laeticia, with a green hat on her head and wearing a beige waistcoat.

The tension that there is between Laeticia and her father is not a new subject for fans of the forties. But despite their conflict, Jalil Lespert’s partner still posted a photo with her father on the occasion of her birthday. Discover the details of this post.