Last November at the NRJ Music Awards, Vitaa and Slimane announced the end of their collaboration and the resumption of their solo careers. While on tour, they confide in this decision, which for them was inevitable from the start.

“We always knew there would be an end.” Last November, during the NRJ Music Awards, Vitaa and Slimane once again left with the trophy of the French-speaking group / duo of the year, announcing at the same time the end of their collaboration, which had started in 2018 with the tube I give it to you. Subsequently, the duo recorded an album, VersuS, which was also entitled to a reissue, as well as a tour. But despite the disappointment of the fans, who made them “an entity”, it was never question for the two artists that this collaboration “continues eternally”, as they confided in the columns of La Voix du North, Sunday January 9.

As Vitaa specifies, who is currently pregnant with her third child, but also suffering from Covid-19, resuming their solo careers was planned from the beginning, even before they agreed to make a joint album. “This project was a parenthesis in our solo careers, a very beautiful parenthesis”, emphasizes Slimane, who specifies that if it is “the end of many things, it is also the beginning of ‘other things for two. Resuming our solo careers, it was just planned. People will have to get used to the idea of ​​Vitaa without Slimane and vice versa. We had a life before, we will have a life after “. Indeed, if the fans are disappointed to bid farewell to the duo Vitaa and Slimane after the tour, which will end in 2022, they can be reassured: the two artists wish to continue working together and supporting each other. “We are in the studio together to help each other on our respective albums,” said the singer, winner of season 5 of The Voice.

During their collaboration, Vitaa and Slimane have forged a strong relationship, to such an extent that for the singer, his sidekick has become his “family”. Overwhelmed by emotion, he had launched, on the stage of the NRJ Music Awards: “I really wanted to tell you from the bottom of my heart … Sorry, I’m sorry, I didn’t meet a singer, I didn’t not met a friend, I met someone from my family, like we need to find each other, you helped me to be a better person and i will miss you every day when we go to ‘stop,’ he added. The singer for her part, said to consider him as “more than a brother”.

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