Hellfest 2021 should have started this Friday. The 15th edition has been canceled, but this Thursday we took the direction of Clisson in Loire-Atlantique. Because after two years of hiatus, the metal festival has symbolically decided to announce at 6 pm its return in 2022. And with heavy, very heavy. Hellfest will take place over not one, but two weekends, and will last for seven days, June 17-19 and June 23-26, with 350 bands performing and 420,000 festival-goers! Never seen in France. “According to the artists and their agents, this is even a world first,” said Hellfest boss Ben Barbaud. It will be an exceptional vintage. We’ll only do it once. “

The poster is also exceptional. Starting with the arrival of Metallica, the biggest metal band in the world, and the biggest cachet in the history of the festival, 3 million euros! “We have been waiting for this moment for seventeen years,” admits Ben Barbaud. It’s recognition of our work. I am all the more proud that they are the ones who offered to come. But they could only do it on June 26. So we added an extra day on the 23rd to welcome Scorpions. »Thursday will be shorter, so the day pass will be cheaper – 89 euros – the following ones will cost 105 euros. The 4-day pass will cost 289 euros.

The first weekend is already known and complete, since it includes the groups that were to start tomorrow, Deep Purple, Korn, Judas Priest, Faith No More, Avenged Sevenfold… The only bad news, the eagerly awaited System Of A Down will not be more on tour next year. But the second weekend, unveiled this Thursday, is stronger. Besides Metallica and Scorpions, Hellfest will host Nine Inch Nails for the first time for a unique date in Europe, accompanied by industrial music legends Ministry and Skinny Puppy, but also Guns N’Roses, Alice Cooper, Nightwish, Whitesnake. Only three groups will play on the two weekends, Megadeth, Killing Joke and Airbourne.

“The two weekends are, despite us, unbalanced in terms of headliners,” admits Ben Barbaud. As a result, we are going to offer ticket holders for the first weekend the possibility to buy tickets for the second one before 24 hours in advance. “

The ticket office will open for them on July 6, and for the general public on July 7. “It gives festival-goers time to think and organize themselves. So that festival-goers can stay on site between the two weekends, the campsite will remain open. With the municipality, which is a stakeholder, we will encourage traders and associations to organize activities to attract festival-goers to the city center. I am aware that we are going to cause inconvenience and discontent, so we must do everything to ensure that Clisson and its region derive greater benefits. “

Contrary to what one might think, the festival is not taking a huge financial risk with this double edition. “On the contrary, it is a godsend to recover the 2.5 million euros that we lost last year with the first cancellation,” explains Ben Barbaud. Of course, the budget for the next edition is colossal, in the order of 50 million euros, whereas it is usually 24 million euros. But we will more than double the revenues of the ticket office and the refreshment bar, while we will make big economies of scale by having only one assembly and disassembly of the stages and the installations, by keeping the logistics and the material. on the spot. It’s a big challenge but for us too it will be the festival of a lifetime. “

Ref: https://www.leparisien.fr