Sunday May 9, 2021, on the set of Vivement dimanche on France 2, Jérémy Frérot confided in the difficulty for him to cash the announcement of his sidekick Flo Delavega to end their duo in 2017. A painful separation of which it still retains a certain bitterness.

Formed in 2011, and revealed to the general public in The Voice, the Fréro Delavega group, composed of Flo Delavega and Jérémy Frérot, broke up in 2017. After releasing two albums, the first in 2014 certified diamond disc and the second triple platinum record in 2015, the two childhood friends decided to move into solo music. This decision was not taken with a carefully considered agreement but “overnight”. “Overnight, for the outside world … For me who was living it, it was a long process. (…) The Fréro Delavega period, I was very exposed, I did not live in nature so it was was extreme “, however nuanced Flo Delavega in the program Bel & bien, Saturday March 6, 2021, on France 2. Too much light, notoriety which had made him want to move away:” And it is true that ‘every time, I felt this call to want to be in the forest, to want to be alone, to be calm, to meditate, to be able to breathe… All these things that I didn’t have time to do ”. For four years, Flo Delavega has settled in the heart of nature as he dreamed of. For his part, Jérémy Frérot got married to swimmer Laure Manaudou. The lovers had two little boys together.

Flo Delavega and Jérémy Frérot are now living their respective solo careers very well and they remain friends. Jérémy Frérot nevertheless retains a certain bitterness about the brutality of the announcement of separation made to him by Flo Delavega four years ago. Guest of Vivement dimanche, Sunday May 9, 2021, the young singer recalled the day his sidekick told him he wanted to stop everything: “On an island in the Amazon, in Peru. He explained to me that he wanted to stop everything. I suspected it but I did not think it was going to be so fast “. If the announcement was so difficult for the singer at the time, it was because the duo had a large number of concert dates to ensure. “He announced that before a 25-date tour of Zéniths. It was quite violent. He could no longer bear all this upheaval of life, the spotlight …”, confided the singer interpreter of A man.

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